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Happiness Quotes

Famous Quotes & Quotations About Happiness:

Happiness is your dentist telling you it won't hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill.
~ Johnny Carson.

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.
~ Robert Frost.

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.
~ John Barrymore Quotes.

Happiness pulses with every beat of my heart.
~ Emily Logan Decens.

Happiness? That's nothing more than health and a poor memory.
~ Albert Schweitzer.

He is rich or poor according to what he is, not according to what he has.
~ Henry Ward Beecher.

I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.
~ J.D. Salinger.

I hate being happy. It pisses me off. Because I know if I try to grab it, it will slip away, like one of those goddamn water snakes. And I hate just looking. I always try to grab.
~ D.H. Mondfleur.

I have diligently numbered the days of pure and genuine happiness which have fallen to my lot: they amount to fourteen.
~ Abd-El-Raham.

If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.
~ Edith Wharton.

If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that's enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars.
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Quotes, The Little Prince, 1943, translated from French by Richard Howard.

If the day and night be such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more immortal - that is your success. All nature is your congratulation, and you have cause momentarily to bless yourself.
~ Henry David Thoreau Quotes, Walden.

If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years.
~ Bertrand Russell Quotes.

If you are not happy here and now, you never will be.
~ Taisen Deshimaru.

If you ever find happiness by hunting for it, you will find it, as the old woman did her lost spectacles, safe on her own nose all the time.
~ Josh Billings Quotes.

If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden, or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert. He will not be searching for happiness as if it were a collar button that has rolled under the radiator. He will not be striving for it as a goal in itself. He will have become aware that he is happy in the course of living life twenty-four crowded hours of the day.
~ W. Beran Wolfe.

If you search the world for happiness, you may find it in the end, for the world is round and will lead you back to your door.
~ Robert Brault Quotes,

If you want to be happy, be.
~ Leo Tolstoy Quotes.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
~ Dalai Lama.

In order to have great happiness you have to have great pain and unhappiness - otherwise how would you know when you're happy?
~ Leslie Caron.

Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible.
~ St. Augustine.

Is it not clear, however, that bliss and envy are the numerator and denominator of the fraction called happiness?
~ Yevgeny Zamyatin.

It is a comely fashion to be glad; Joy is the grace we say to God.
~ Jean Ingelow.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.
~ Charles Spurgeon Quotes.

It is strange what a contempt men have for the joys that are offered them freely.
~ Georges Duhamel.

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