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Lie Quotes

Famous Quotes & Quotations About Lies:

Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons.
~ Michael Jackson.

Lying and stealing are next door neighbors.
~ Arabian proverb.

Lying has a kind of respect and reverence with it. We pay a person the compliment of acknowledging his superiority whenever we lie to him.
~ Samuel Butler.

Lying is a terrible vice, it testifies that one despises God, but fears men.
~ Michel Eyquem de Montaigne.

Lying is not only excusable; it is not only innocent; it is, above all, necessary and unavoidable. Without the ameliorations that it offers, life would become a mere syllogism and hence too metallic to be borne.
~ Henry Louis Mencken.

Lying rides upon debt's back.
~ Benjamin Franklin Quotes.

No lying knight or lying priest ever prospered in any age, but especially not in the dark ones. Men prospered then only in following an openly declared purpose, and preaching candidly beloved and trusted creeds.
~ John Ruskin.

Mendacity is a system that we live in. Liquor is one way out and death's the other.
~ Tennessee Williams.

Never forget that a half truth is a whole lie.
~ Author Unknown.

No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.
~ Abraham Lincoln Quotes.

No man lies so boldly as the man who is indignant.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes.

One can be absolutely truthful and sincere even though admittedly the most outrageous liar. Fiction and invention are of the very fabric of life.
~ Henry Miller.

One may sometimes tell a lie, but the grimace that accompanies it tells the truth.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes.

One of the striking differences between a cat and a lie is that the cat has only nine lives.
~ Mark Twain Quotes.

Pain forces even the innocent to lie.
~ Publilius Syrus.

So near is falsehood to truth that a wise man would do well not to trust himself on the narrow edge.
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero Quotes.

Some lies are so well disguised to resemble truth, that we should be poor judges of the truth not to believe them.
~ Author Unknown.

Surely, in the history of lies told to the population, this is the biggest lie. In the history of secrets, withheld from the American people, this is the biggest secret: that there are classes with different interests in this country. To ignore that - not to know that the history of our country is a history of slaveowner against slave, landlord against tenant, corporation against worker, rich against poor - is to render us helpless before all the lesser lies told to us by people in power.
~ Howard Zinn.

The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way.
~ Samuel Butler.

The cruelest lies are often told in silence. A man may have sat in a room for hours and not opened his mouth, and yet come out of that room a disloyal friend or a vile calumniator.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson Quotes.

Telling lies is a fault in a boy, an art in a lover, an accomplishment in a bachelor, and second-nature in a married man.
~ Helen Rowland.

The atom bombs are piling up in the factories, the police are prowling through the cities, the lies are streaming from the loudspeakers, but the earth is still going round the sun.
~ George Orwell Quotes, Shooting an Elephant, 1950.

The liar at any rate recognizes that recreation, not instruction, is the aim of conversation, and is a far more civilized being than the blockhead who loudly expresses his disbelief in a story which is told simply for the amusement of the company.
~ Oscar Wilde Quotes.

The lie is a condition of life.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes.

The liar's punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.
~ George Bernard Shaw Quotes.

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