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Mistake Quotes

Famous Quotes & Quotations About Mistakes:

A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.
~ James Joyce, Ulysses.

A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.
~ Alexander Pope, in Swift, Miscellanies.

Admit your errors before someone else exaggerates them.
~ Andrew V. Mason.

An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field.
~ Niels Bohr.

As long as the world is turning and spinning, we're gonna be dizzy and we're gonna make mistakes.
~ Mel Brooks.

Don't ever make the same mistake twice, unless it pays.
~ Mae West Quotes.

Error is a hardy plant; it flourishes in every soil.
~ Martin F. Tupper.

Errors to be dangerous must have a great deal of truth mingled with them. It is only from this alliance that they can ever obtain an extensive circulation.
~ Sydney Smith.

From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.
~ Syrus.

I never make stupid mistakes. Only very, very clever ones.
~ John Peel.

If a mistake is not a stepping stone, it is a mistake.
~ Eli Siegel.

If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems. And that's a big mistake.
~ F. Wikzek.

If you put your foot in it, be sure it's your best foot.
~ Mae West Quotes.

If you shut your door to all errors truth will be shut out.
~ Rabindranath Tagore Quotes, Stray Birds, 1916.

In the game of life it's a good idea to have a few early losses, which relieves you of the pressure of trying to maintain an undefeated season.
~ Bill Vaughan.

It is very easy to forgive others their mistakes; it takes more grit to forgive them for having witnessed your own.
~ Jessamyn West.

It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something.
~ Ornette Coleman.

Just because you make mistakes doesn't mean you are one.
~ Author Unknown.

Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster.
~ Weston H. Agor.

Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.
~ Sophia Loren.

Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom.
~ Phyllis Theroux, Night Lights.

Mistakes fail in their mission of helping the person who blames them on the other fellow.
~ Henry S. Haskins.

Never say, "oops." Always say, "Ah, interesting."
~ Author Unknown.

One cannot too soon forget his errors and misdemeanors; for to dwell upon them is to add to the offense.
~ Henry David Thoreau Quotes.

Our blunders mostly come from letting our wishes interpret our duties.
~ Author Unknown.

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