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Women Quotes

Famous Quotes & Quotations About Women:

A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up.
~ Mae West Quotes.

A girl in the convertible is worth five in the phone book.
~ Mae West Quotes.

A man's desire is for the woman, but the woman's desire is rarely other than for the desire of the man.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes.

A woman drove me to drink and I never even had the courtesy to thank her.
~ W.C. Fields Quotes.

A woman is a person who reaches for a chair when she answers the telephone.
~ Milton Wright.

A woman occasionally is quite a serviceable substitute for masturbation.
~ Karl Kraus.

A woman uses her intelligence to find reasons to support her intuition.
~ G.K. Chesterton Quotes.

A woman wears her tears like jewelry.
~ Author Unknown.

Advertisers in general bear a large part of the responsibility for the deep feelings of inadequacy that drive women to psychiatrists, pills, or the bottle.
~ Marya Mannes, But Will It Sell?

B is for Breasts Of which ladies have two; Once prized for the function, Now for the view.
~ Robert Paul Smith.

Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It's staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in.
~ Casey Stengel.

Brains are an asset to the woman in love who's smart enough to hide 'em.
~ Mae West Quotes.

Desire is in men a hunger, in women only an appetite.
~ Mignon McLaughlin Quotes, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
~ Jule Styne, Song: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and a man's worst enemy.
~ Author Unknown.

For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.
~ Isabel Allende.

Girls, give all your gentlemen friends an even break, even if you have to break them in the attempt.
~ Mae West Quotes.

Good women are no fun... The only good woman I can recall in history was Betsy Ross. And all she ever made was a flag.
~ Mae West Quotes.

I once knew a woman who offered her honor
So I honored her offer
And all night long I was on her and off her.
~ Author Unknown.

I think men talk to women so they can sleep with them and women sleep with men so they can talk to them.
~ Jay McInerney.

If they keep crashing stuff into the moon, the moon's gonna get pissed off, and the tides'll change, and all the women'll start PMS-ing together. Then you guys are going to fucking regret it.
~ Tori Amos Quotes.

If you held a woman's vagina sacred, if you held a woman sacred, you couldn't murder her or rape her or mutilate her or hurt her.
~ Eve Ensler.

I'm a woman of very few words, but lots of action.
~ Mae West Quotes.

I'm no angel, but I've spread my wings a bit.
~ Mae West Quotes.

I'm no model lady. A model's just an imitation of the real thing.
~ Mae West Quotes.

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